That creates a relaxed sleeping posture with less burden on the body.

In order to get a good sleep it is important to keep a relaxed comfortable sleeping posture, and the mattress to fit the body and distribute body pressure.

Depending on sex, body shape, preference, etc., the optimum hardness for people who use it is various.

e-MOS(e-Mattress Order made System, Industry first business model patent acquisition : No. 3581087) is a system that provides a order made mattress to fit your body shape.

We propose a comfortable hardness mattress for anyone, such as a person who wants a comfortable sleep, a person looking for a mattress as a measure against back pain.

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Point of e-MOS

1. Based on customer’s body data, we measure the hardness of the mattress and propose an optimum mattress out of 216 patterns.

2. If there is a change in the shape of the body, etc. in the future, remeasure the combination of new hardness. It is economical because you can replace only parts.

How to achieve an ideal sleeping posture?

   To breathe out, relaxed posture, rotated to landscape orientation is ideal for humans sleeping posture.
   However, the loading rate applied to the mattress differs depending on the part, 7% head part, shoulder part 33%,  waist part / hips part 44%, leg part 16%.
   If the entire surface of the mattress is soft and soft with the same hardness, although pressure resistance dispersibility improves, the heavy “waist and hips” part falls. The back / diaphragm is squeezed, smooth breathing is disturbed, the waist is lowered, causing waist pain.
   When the entire surface of the mattress is hard and hard, when lying down on the back, you can firmly support the waist and the hips. However, the pressure of the “heel” “shoulder blades” is large, and when it is sideways it becomes the cause of the numbness of “shoulder / arms” “ilium / trochanter”, unnecessary toss and turn in sleep will increase.

GELTRON mattresses are set to hardness suitable for each customer from 6 stages at three positions of “head / shoulder”, “waist / hips” and “legs” with different load ratios, so that the optimum Maintain a sleeping posture.

Set the optimum hardness out of 216 patterns

  Set the optimum hardness according to the height and weight of the customer from among 216 patterns (hardness setting of 6 grades at 3 positions: 6 × 6 × 6). With any body type, it is possible to make a mattress that can support the whole body with the ideal hardness.

 Also, e-MOS can cope with body type change (weight gain, user change, pregnancy, injury). By measuring the hardness of GELTRON suitable for customers after change, you can readjust by changing the hardness one or two places.

 Rather than replacing the entire mattress like other mattresses, you can replace damaged or inconsistent parts and reuse them as new mattresses. It is safe also economically.

 For those who purchase Double / Queen size, please set the hardness for 2 people on the left and right.