It is GELTRON that evolved into a three-dimensional lattice type gummy gel by improving the gel which was born from the research and development of the shock cushioning material for the spacecraft inside the United States into a two-layer integrated type(Utility model registered Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan patent registered.).

Featuring a gentle touch to the skin like gummy candy, it is excellent in body pressure dispersibility.

In addition, it has 4 to 5 times durability compared with urethane material. Also, because it is excellent in breathability, it prevents steaming, it can be washed easily, it is highly hygienic. Developed products such as GELTRON mattresses, pillows, cushions, etc. It is widely used from home use to nursing care.

Difference from low rebound urethane

In recent years, low-resilience urethane material has attracted attention as bedding, but the following four are mainly listed as difficulties.

1. Since it mainly absorbs the vertical load, you feel a sense of incompatibility when turning over in sleep with torsional load and shear force.

2. The breathability is bad, and in the summer the part that touched the skin gets stinky.

3. Because the material itself can not cope with temperature change, it becomes soft in the summer, becomes hard in the winter, the part where the body pressure is applied becomes painful.

4. It is hard to wash if it gets dirty. GELTRON is what solved these difficulties.

Features of GELTRON

GELTRON unique pressure dispersion + shear force, torsional load absorbing power.

GELTRON can flexibly change its shape according to the shape of your body and distribute the load (Figure 1).

Previous bedding was pursued only by decreasing vertical load due to body weight and did not correspond to shear and displacement forces due to body movements.

However, Geltron flexibly deforms not only in the vertical load but also in the oblique direction, it receives a torsional load generated during turning (body movement) and lightly supports it until morning (Figure 2).

By maximally reducing the burden on the body by this superior body pressure dispersibility and load absorption power, we realize treatment and prevention of high levels of bedsores, and it also has an effect on measures against hair loss during pillow use.

Figure 1 : Difference in body pressure dispersibility of general mattresses and GELTRON mattresses

GELTRON mattresses support the whole body well, and excellent body pressure dispersibility makes it ideal sleeping posture.

 fig.1 GELTRON mattresses support the whole body well, and excellent body pressure dispersibility makes it ideal sleeping posture.
A general mattress undergoes local compression, disturbance of blood circulation occurs, unnecessary turning (body movement) such as pain and numbness, sleep is hindered.

Figure 2 : Reduce any pressure on the body with three-dimensional absorption power When a load is applied, the wall of the gel breaks or twists, and the direction of force is finely changed, and the load is dispersed.

It can flexibly correspond not only to vertical load but also to shear force and torsional load.

What happens if the shear force and torsional load can not be absorbed?

If it is impossible to absorb the shear force and torsion load, the muscle collapses like a twist (shearing force), the blood flow becomes bad, unnecessary turning over in sleep (body movement) increases, and sleep is disturbed.

When turning over in sleep or sideways, as a matter of course, a shear force and a torsional load are generated, blood circulation disturbance will occur, causing numbness and pain. The following picture (Figure 3) is a tester that reproduces the body surface and blood vessels.

It is a comparison between urethane mat and GELTRON whether or not holes (blood vessels) can be secured when load is applied from the direction of vertical, shear force, torsional load. In the case of urethane, holes are held by vertical load, When an oblique or torsional load is applied, the hole collapses and blood flow is not secured.

On the other hand, GELTRON secures blood flow in all directions.

This makes it possible to achieve treatment / prevention of bedsores at a high level.

Figure 3. GELTRON that secures blood flow against shear force and torsional load (That express holes in the somatic cell model as blood vessels) Excellent breathability

GELTRON includes a layer of air in each of the lattices, but pumping action that discharges steamed air to the outside in accordance with the movement of the body works, so it is possible to exchange air naturally.

High shape stability

Geltron has excellent flexibility and is 4 to 5 times more durable than urethane. Also, even if you press a long time of compression to the same place many times, there is elasticity enough to return to the original even if you expand it ten times, it is top class among many bedding and cushioning materials.

In addition, GELTRON hardly changes hardness from -30 ° C to + 70 ° C. Regardless of the season, it can be used with constant hardness and comfort.

Washable sanitary safety materials

GELTRON is easy to clean and clean contaminants.

This material uses mineral oil and polymers approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

It is a 100% recyclable substance, it does not contain substances that pollute the environment even if it is disposed of.

It is also used as a material for cosmetics and baby oil, and will never become a hotbed of mites and molds.

It is not an allergy.

GELTRON is made of materials that are friendly to both environment and people.

From infants to the elderly, you can use with confidence regardless of the user.